Help fund Shigeaki Mori’s first trip to the USA!  Memorial Day, 2018

From our friends at the Japan Society of Boston:
You may be familiar with the film Paper Lanterns that JSB helped to produce: a documentary about Shigeaki Mori, a survivor of the bombing of Hiroshima, who would go on to spend more than 40 years researching and memorializing the lives of the 12 American POWs that were killed there. 
You can help bring Mr. Mori and his wife, Kayoko, to the United States this May! Small and large donations will help cover their travel and lodging as they connect with some of the families they have touched through their inspiring efforts. The Moris would travel to San Francisco for screenings of the film, and then on to Boston, where they would spend Memorial Day in Lowell, MA, the home of Normand Brissette, one of the American POWs killed by the Atomic Bomb. Plans are underway for a public screening of Paper Lanterns in Boston with the Moris as special guests.