Paper Lanterns

Please join us, along with our Japanese visitors from Ota, for a special members-only showing of the movie Paper Lanterns at the Peabody Essex Museum’s Morse Theater.

PAPER LANTERNS tells the little-known story of twelve American prisoners-of-war killed by the atomic bomb at Hiroshima and Mr. Shigeaki Moril, a hibakuisha or A-bomb victim, who devoted nearly forty years to researching their fates and reaching out to their families across the United States. Mr. Mori was personally thanked by President Barack Obama at the Hiroshima Peace Park on May 27, 2016. The picture of their embrace was immediately featured by news media around the world and has since become an iconic image of Japan-U.S. reconciliation. The film has been shown with great success at international film festivals, at many venues in Japan and the U.S., and at the United Nations.

The Salem- Ota Cultural Exchange is delighted to welcome the film’s director Barry Frechette to the screening to share with us his stories about the making of the film.

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