Ota students return to Salem this November!



Hi everyone and Happy Mother’s Day to all,

We enjoyed a nice visit from several members of Ota’s Department of Education team as well as new Ota City Officers for a quick visit this Spring.  They appreciated seeing Salem, the PEM, and meeting Peter, Midori, Marlene and I to discuss what the student trip usually entails.

We’re happy to have just learned they are planning to send students to us this Fall!  We recognize this is a busier time of year for families, but hope you will help spread the word to recruit host families for 5 nights!

The basic itinerary is:

  • the group leaves Tokyo Friday11/3 and arrives in Salem Sat. Nov. 4.  We anticipate a 5pm quick “Hello and Welcome” gathering at the Gables like we always do, after which students leave with host families.
  • 11/5 (Sunday) we will gather for a group party similar to what we used to call the “Good-bye Party”. 
  • Monday, Tues. and Wed. 11/8 will entail the usual visit sites, including with the new Mayor, school visits, PEM, etc. 
  • Thursday 11/9 students leave.

We will share more information as it unfolds, and will plan a few informational meetings for interested families in June to start securing commitments for host family homes.  

Thank you for supporting this wonderful relationship with Ota City!